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In today's world, almost everyone has access to the internet through a computer or a smartphone. While technology makes our lives easier, there are also ways that it can have a negative impact. That is especially true for victims of abuse. To help inform victims, survivors, and their family members, we have compiled a list of the positive technology and apps available to help them, as well as some of the technology and apps abusers may use against them.

Helpful Apps

Mobile Patrol

This is a great app for anyone, but especially for those who are pressing criminal charges against an abusive person. This app allows you to view safety information in your area, including inmates in the local jail and/or prison. By selecting "Notify Me of Status Changes", you can be notified when your abuser has been released. It also has a link to a victim's notification site through the app. You can download this app from Google Play for Android Users or the App Store for Apple users.


"The app that passively connects its users to local police in unsafe situations."- SafeTrek Facebook Page

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Aspire News

This may look like a normal news app, but it's so much more for victims of domestic violence. While you can view some of the news from the nation's top news providers, you can also set up life saving alerts that can be sent straight from your phone. The HELP section of the app has a simple tutorial that allows the user to learn how to set up trusted contacts that can be notified using the app. Because the app looks like any other news app on your phone, it is unlikely to alert an abuser. However, we and the makers of Aspire News want to remind you that it is not a replacement for 911 in the case of an emergency. You can download this app from Google Play for Android Users or the App Store for Apple users.

Also, check out this helpful link for information of App Safety

Helpful Technology Hints

​The National Network to End Domestic Violence has great resources and information about technology safety for victims, as well as information on how technology is used by abusers. You can visit their Technology Safety site by clicking this link, or check out some of the highlights by clicking on the links below.

Safety for Teens 

Facebook Safety Tips

Online Privacy and Safety

Stalking and Technology

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