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Having a strong support system is a vital part of recovering from the traumatic effects of domestic violence and/or sexual assault. While some victims may have support systems already in place (family members, friends, co-workers, etc.), many victims have lost contact or connections with their loved ones due to the isolation created by their abusive partner. To help rebuild those support systems, we offer a variety of support groups for victims and survivors. 

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Victims/Surivivors Support Group
Free and open to the public, this Support Group focuses on topics such as self-esteem, safety, finding yourself, and other information that victims and survivors can benefit from. 
Held at McDowell County DSS every other Thursday from 12:30 - 1:30pm.
Sheltered Clients Support Group
Clients and children staying at our Emergency Shelter have access to support groups within the safety of our shelter. These groups help clients and their children adjust to living at the shelter, regain and build self-esteem, learn about the dynamics of abuse, and plan for life after the shelter.
Special Support Groups
Topics can also be tailored to the participants, including those for youth. If you are interested in a special support group, please contact us


Many victims and survivors may need assistance with contacting and connecting with other service providers. At New HOPE, trained advocates and volunteers can help with the first step of contacting organizations and agencies on behalf of clients, as well as accompanying them under certain circumstances. For victims of abuse, having a support person present can make all the difference when taking the first steps in their journey! 


When a victims requires hospitilazation, they can request that an advocate be present with them at the hospital. We work with our local hospital to coordinate this service and ensure access is available to victims when requested. Advocates provide support, supportive peer counseling, and other appropriate services while with the victim.