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We are excited to announce the addition of these new services at New HOPE! Here is some basic information about each new service:

Job Counseling 
Domestic violence victims may have been absent from the workplace for various reasons, so our job counseling services address their lack of experience or gaps in work history with services that build upon their strengths and skills. After job counseling, victims will have more confidence in their ability to join the workforce!

Job Training and Placement
Victims can receive training at our Outreach Thrift Stores to learn skills necessary for work in the Customer Services industry. We also assist victims with job searches, resume creation, and other activities that give them the potential to obtain employment in the area.

Health Education and Counseling 
Physical health is an important part of a healthy, productive lifestyle. With this in mind, we provide victims with information on the importnance of preventative care, nutrition and healthy eating, and information about local health care providers. We also have regular exercise and healthy cooking demonstrations for victims at our Emergency Shelter. 

Financial Management 
Financial planning and management can be a daunting task for anyone, but for victims of violence it can be even more so. Victims can recieve assistance with everything from assistance with taxes, budgeting, and other financial information from our advocates and partnering agencies.

Educational Services 
From information about available educational opportunities and training, assistance with FAFSA, and more, we provide victims with assistance they need to learn about education, employment, and unemployment services available to them.

And more! Please contact us for information on more available services.

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