community education

Are you interested in having a speaker come to your church group, small group, or organization to speak on topics regarding domestic violence, sexual assault, healthy relationships, or available services? We can provide educational presentations to adults or youth targeted to the interests of the group. Presentations can be scheduled to work with your group's availability and the length of presentations can be tailored to your needs. These presentations provide a chance for individuals in your group to gain knowledge about issues of abuse and to learn about what is being done in our community. If you are interested in setting up a presentation, please contact Jennifer or Savannah by email or phone.


Does your business or organization need training on dealing with domestic violence and/or sexual assault in the workplace? Does your organization want to have more insight on dealing with issues of abuse? We provide professional training on topics that include domestic violence and sexual assault in the workplace, hospital and doctors office, and other settings where professionals might work with victims of abuse. If you are interested in learning more or scheduling a training, please contact Jennifer or Savannah by email or phone.

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